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Silly Cecil the Sea Monster

This story is about a Greek boy who lives on a small island and befriends a giant sea monster. The village where the boy lives is famous for making ice cream out of the seaweed they harvest from the sea around their island. When the boy becomes friends with the giant sea monster by sharing his ice cream with him, the chaos begins. The sea monster enjoys the ice cream so much that he tramples into the village to seek out more of it. This scares the villagers living peacefully in the village and prompts them to protect their property from the beast that accidentally destroys it. When the boy catches wind of the plot to protect the village from the sea monster, he becomes concerned. The leader of the village asks the boy if he can help create a plan of attack to ensure the safety of all involved, especially his new sea-monster friend. He designs a plan that makes both the village safe and the giant beast very happy. A friendly relationship between the entire village evolves, and the sea monster becomes an integral part in the harvesting of the seaweed for the villagers to continue making their famous ice cream for all to enjoy, especially their new friend, the sea monster.

--Darin R. Kennedy

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