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Silent Song

BlurbWith Lawayne's introverted but confident ways, he unearthed his most prominent source of communication and expression, which is best released through writing and music. "Silent Song" is a collected reflection of the Southern gentlemen's instinct, intuition, sentiment, and wisdom he kept bottled and derived into poetic pieces. Having the urge to release the ambush of thoughts and emotions, Catrell Lawayne appended his childhood passion in poetry with his ability to compose and construct a lyrically poetic book of art that freed his soul.A caged bird with clipped wings and a song to sing is a cage of power awaiting to be free, he sings in a tone that only he can hear until his confidence is rebuilt. Intact with confidence, Lawayne finally flies as his soul align with readers and listeners of the world. "He's the soul speaker and the subtle singer. All he does is high frequency. Gravity is not his teacher. He said to step wide so your dreams can meet you. Live before you die, be more than just a dreamer."

--Catrell Lawayne

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