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Short Stories: Twenty-One Excursions to the Edge of Chaos and Love

Excursions is a collection of twenty-one short stories whose characters' life journeys will lead them to the edge of chaos----the place where permanent transformation occurs ---and where love is often found. Join me as we…

Risk everything on a wilderness search for The Box and the precious treasure within;

Share the perplexing trials of an exotic young man on a mission to dispense mercy;

Witness the outcome of villagers offering their worship to a misshapen stone;

Follow the desperate attempts of an oppressed minority to flee their dying planet;

Sit with the Senior Director of Human Resources as he interviews a peculiar applicant for the position of Corporate Messiah;

Hear the unspoken fears of an equities broker facing the collapse of the financial markets;

Dine at the country club with two business associates proposing very different plans;

Enter the death row cell of an inmate on the night of his execution;

Eavesdrop on the conversation between two chronically ill people----one old, one young;

Sit with a fan whose team has finally made it to the NCAA football championship game;

Take a once-in-eternity chance at winning The Prize;

Watch firemen desperately battle a pre-dawn fire in a block of row houses;

Join two frustrated trash men stalled at a blocked railroad crossing while their load of garbage bakes in the summer sun;

Take a pre-dawn ride with two men engaged in true religion;

Share brunch with a Broadway star trying to woo a reluctant agent to her cause;

Discover the fate of a harassed and ailing pornography distributor;

Go fishing on an autumn evening with a small-town boy and his special little sister;

Learn the life- and- death decision of a grieving widow;

Stand in line behind Willie Gene Johnson as the bank refuses to validate his parking ticket;

Get behind the mic with a talk radio host trying to boost ratings with edgy topics; and

Rock along with an elderly couple whose mailbox has disappeared in the high grass of their uncut lawn.

As our characters speak and act, I hope you'll see how decisions made on the edge of chaos may define your soul and shape your destiny as well.

--Van Devender

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