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Shawn of Sherwood

Though still very much involved, Robin Hood and his men take a step back as new and exciting characters take center stage in this action-packed historical fiction. During the early thirteenth century, England was in chaos under the rule of King John. Rebellious barons were siding against the king, leaving many neutral nobles to fend for themselves against power-hungry knights and mercenaries.Daniel Maher introduces an exciting new twist to the always entertaining stories involving Sherwood Forest. The peaceful and prosperous manor of Dorsey is forced to fight for its existence against the large mercenary army of the evil Sir Gilbert. Shawn Fletcher, a young archer living in Dorsey, rises to the occasion as he, his friends, and the small Dorsey military contingent battle against great odds.The early chapters of the book develop characters and acquaint the reader with the political atmosphere in 1209 England. Then things start to heat up when several skirmishes culminate in an action-packed epic battle pitting good against evil. Adventure and romance abound, not to mention a few surprises that the reader will surely delight in. Sherwood Forest comes alive once again, where outlaws are kings and the longbow reigns supreme!

--Daniel Maher

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