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Sermons For A God Centered Life

Tom Hutson's love for life and for all people, interest in everything, giving nature, humor, compassion, wisdom, and common sense made him an especially caring, effective pastor. His congregation appreciated his wise counsel, concern for any issues they faced, and gentle guidance of their spiritual growth. His sermons brought them closer to Jesus, gave them guidance and strength, and taught them how to be humble servants and how to spread Jesus's love to all. In short, he helped them live a noble life.Because of Tom's in-depth knowledge of the Bible and his training as a teacher, his sermons were both in-depth for those advanced in their spiritual journey and also easy to understand for those beginning on the road to discovering Jesus. His knowledge of history allowed him to explain the background of events that took place and offered a deeper meaning than one might realize when reading passages.These sermons can provide understanding, hope, and clarification for anyone wanting to draw closer to Jesus. They bring the Bible to life and can be a catalyst for deeper Bible study. They are a valuable guide and companion on one's spiritual journey.

--Tom Hutson

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