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Saving Your Life

One out of three women become victims of violent crimes.

Don't become a statistic.

It's called the Point of No Return.

• You're walking through a dark parking lot to your car. Suddenly, you hear someone running up behind you.

• On your way home late one night, you stop at a traffic light. Because your focus is on the conversation on your cell phone, you don't notice when a young man jumps from the car behind you. You look up to see him standing next to your door, pointing a gun at your chest.

• You stop to fill your gas tank. You go inside to pay, then return to your car. As you prepare to drive away, a man pops up from the back seat and puts a knife to your throat.

"How do I get out of situations like these?"

By the time an encounter with a street predator goes this far, you have passed the Point of No Return. You may live through it, but you will not get out of it!

The right question, then, is not "What do I do when I've passed the Point of No Return?" but "How do I avoid arriving there in the first place?"

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--Marc Golubic

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