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Save the Hero: Hannah's Story Save the Hero

Open your heart to Save the Hero Collection's newest everyday hero, Hannah Lopez–Sparks.

Arrington was not always the city we have become. Just over one hundred years ago, we were a rural town with very little to offer the state or the country. That was until the Morris College of Law was founded in 1902, only five months after the death of Justice of the Peace Esther Hobart–Morris. She was a woman that believed in women's equality and rights. She was a woman that fought for those beliefs her entire life. It is my honor and privilege to present the Esther Morris Woman of the Year award to a woman that works hard in legal practice to empower many residents, predominantly women, to fulfill their greatest dreams, to be financially independent, to contribute to the ever–growing greatness of our community – Arrington, Wyoming's very own Hannah Sparks.

––From the chapter titled "An Honor":

When Hannah Lopez, an attorney working as a legal aid, crosses paths with Owen Sparks, a local bar owner, love and infatuation are natural. His charm, confidence, and good looks are hard for any woman to resist. Witness the love, passion, challenges, and betrayal this once–devoted couple encounter. Witness if their love will be strong enough to withstand when the dust of their deception settles after a shy, selfless Hannah Sparks learns to be selfish.

--R. H. Krämer

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