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Ryan's Recovery: The Darkest Before the Dawn

Ryan's Recovery: The Darkest Before the Dawn takes you on a journey of almost twenty years in time, starting in 2000 and ending in 2019. It is a story of heartache to triumph and everything in between, raising an autistic child. Ryan Ward went from being diagnosed as severely autistic with only echolalic speech, no need for human affection, and no understanding of the world around him, to becoming an artist and a working adult with high-functioning autism. The time line starts in the midst of recovery protocols and goes back in time to reveal the entire story. It is a story of climbing out of complete despair, confusion, and depression, to standing up and making a difference. It truly shows you what it takes to put someone first in your life in every aspect. Everyone will say they put their children first, but when it comes to special-needs children, this phrase takes on an entirely different meaning. The book guides you through special diets, homeopathic protocols, several different therapies such as OT, PT, sensory, visual, behavioral, chiropractic, and craniosacral. It also touches on battles with school authorities, IEP meetings, and bullying. The story also shows how autism has the ability to interfere with marriages, relationships with other children in the family, social life, and just plain daily living. It does, however, also send the message that if you put your mind, heart, and soul into anything you want to accomplish, that nothing is impossible. It is a story that proves that when presented with a mountain that looks too high to climb, you find a way to tunnel under the mountain, go around the side of the mountain, or fly over it if you have to; but you never ever give up. In the end, the story will show you that no matter which way you choose to get to the other side of the mountain, you will indeed get there, and when you do, the feeling of accomplishment and pride in what you have done makes all the difficult times in the past only a stepping stone that got you there. What seemed impossible twenty years ago has now become reality, and walking through this journey with my now adult son has made me a stronger person and given me the confidence to know there is nothing that can't be obtained with the correct professionals, friends, family, and love.

--Angie Ward

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