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Roxy Reid

Roxy Reid begins life as the abused child of a drug-addict mother. She grows up in a

neighborhood terrorized by street gangs. She witnesses the murder of her own child's father,

a married man more than twice her age. But she's a survivor.

Heavily pregnant, she escapes to New York to give her unborn child a fresh start.

She reinvents herself as a successful banker, a dedicated mother, and strives to forget her

violent previous life.

Twelve years have passed. She's built a safe, sheltered arbor of respectability for her

daughter and herself. She's content with her life of frenetic work combined with the trials

of single parenting a precocious preteen. But then a chance meeting sets in motion a series

of events that threaten to bring down her facade of normalcy.

Roxy tries desperately to keep her life on its metronomic routine and preserve

appearances. But in a roller-coaster holiday season between Thanksgiving and New Year's

Day, the genie of her past is well and truly released from the bottle. To confront it, she will

have to use all the vicious life skills of her youth. But will this cause her to lose the one

thing she cherishes, above all else, the love of her daughter?

--R. M. Burgess

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