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Rocks and Bottles

When the author sat down and began writing Rocks and Bottles, his thoughts centered around the problems facing our society today. He recognized that there were many within the society who had a tendency to blame one particular segment, our law enforcement, for much of what was going on. Nothing could be further from reality than that belief. Truth be known, our law enforcement, much like our society, isn't perfect. But without our law enforcement, there would be no society worth having.

The demands placed on our police officers today are, at times, excruciating. Theirs is a tough job. It always has been. Yes, occasionally mistakes are made. There is no excuse for those. They are human beings, just like you and me, but with one exception: they are each willing to sacrifice what some refer to as a normal life to protect the lives of others.

When reading the various chapters within Rocks and Bottles, it is hoped that you, the reader, will gain a better perspective as to the type of person many officers are and that you will conclude that they are very much like yourself.

--E.S. Tasker

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