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Retribution of the Atomic Creature: Book II Challenge of the Arrowhead Trilogy

Retribution of the Atomic CreatureBook IIChallenge of the Arrowhead TrilogyThe saga continues in this exciting sequel. Young Daniel Anderson and his best friend Herb Dillon, once again, find themselves launched on a dangerous trek back to the Arrowhead, in quest of the eternal child back to the ruins of what was once the domicile of their nemesis, the depraved Nazi despot Arthur Broderick and his secret weapons manufacturing operations and nefarious bio-eugenics experimental laboratories.They must move quickly, lest their lost compatriot succumbs to the cold. But the frigid temperatures will not only pose a mortal danger for Bernie but they, themselves, will also encounter life-threatening Arctic blizzards, an isle of frost, a radioactive volcano, and miles of frozen desolation. As if that weren't tough enough, they are ruthlessly being stalked by the bloodthirsty radiation-mutated beast of the volcano, hell-bent on their annihilation.This anecdotal tale from the creative imagination of author D. Anthony Watters will transport the reader back to a time when heroes were just ordinary people called by destiny to become extraordinary. You will, without doubt, enjoy his nostalgic portrayals of teen heroism and romance penned in his characteristic nail-biting action style. A capstone on his lifelong romance with the great outdoors, he now enjoys writing and publishing outdoor novels featuring adventures inspired by his own experience as a teen in the fifties and sixties.

--D. Anthony Watters

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