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RetireSmart II: The Gig Economy Edition

Millions of hard-working Americans wake up every day and go to work as part of the gig economy. But gig workers often aren't prepared for the next step--retirement. Why? Because we were all told a huge lie about saving for retirement, and gig workers are even more vulnerable to this misinformation. In this book, noted Economist and multiple award-winning author Mark Anthony Grimaldi sets forth his easy to follow 3 step plan on how to create a tax-free retirement as a gig worker. Buckle your seatbelt, because the secrets that the rich have used for decades are now EXPOSED!--and they're available to you as a gig worker. Save, Growth, Spend and Pass-on all Tax Free! Image a Retirement plan that:* Has no contribution limits* Has no investment choice limitations* Lets you touch your money when you need it most* Knows the tax difference between income and capital gains* Has no age restrictions on your money* Has no distribution minimums* Understands the tax code* Has no 10 percent excise taxes on distributions* Has no 1099Rs* Has no administration expenses* Can be funded from any source* Has no CPA expenses* Has no vesting requirementsIt's in your hands, now it up to you to RetireSmart!

--Mark Anthony Grimaldi

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