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Reflections: Book Three of the Trilogy

Julia continues to touch the lives of the people she encounters on her journey. An inspirational journey covering numerous miles and countless souls, these are memorable stories to tell and to relive. Julia's journey will pull at your heartstrings and wrap you in serene comfort.Joining Julia's journey is young Shay. Shay's story will draw you into a world of sadness and sorrow and quickly expel you into a world of dreams and destiny. From the decks of the Ocura to the shores of the gulf to the congestion at Jackson Square, Shay's journey carries you from endless isolation to exploding elation. The developing connection between Julia and Shay will accelerate your belief in a true friendship, in a pure relationship, and in a bonding companionship.On the Rosalee Plantation in Marrero, Louisiana, haunting experiences from many, many years past are brought back to life. Dealing with all the stories echoing through the massive live oak trees, Julia and Shay find comfort in comforting others. Together they arouse the souls on the plantation to join their journey. A journey of destiny. A journey of elation. A journey you will be drawn to follow.

--Maggie Fetzer

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