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Rebuilding Your Self-Esteem: Changing the Perception of Self

Re-building your self-esteem is an inspirational piece which is designed to help individuals struggling with a low self-esteem. The truth is, if you don't feel great about yourself, no one will. If you don't feel good, you can't accomplish much. There are dreams in your heart which you'll never realize unless you face the giant of a low self-esteem. In an age where social media defines people's self-worth, so many go on day-by-day living a lie. It's time to identify this disease, which is killing so many dreams, causing many not to live fully. This book will not only help you discover your self-worth but also give you practical steps to help you on your journey to re-building your self-esteem, redefining your self-worth and emotional healing. It is never too late to look within and discover your true value. My desire is to see you rise out of the dust and own your uniqueness. There are rich deposits within you. The world is waiting for that talent you are holding onto. So rise up, stand tall, and become all you were designed for.

-- Nelly Kouh Bama

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