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Random Earth

Two strangers, no-nonsense Michael and high-maintenance Jessica, have an unfortunate incident involving orange juice while boarding a plane.

Later, while in midflight, an explosion aboard the plane sends it plummeting down toward the ground and certain death.

However, Michael and Jessica don't die. They awaken in a strange place called Control, where they are met by a kindly old gentleman named Jacob. He informs them that they will shortly be sent off, courtesy of an all-powerful transporter, to a randomly selected Earth-like planet somewhere in the far-off universe.

Upon reaching the new planet, the pair nearly die from exposure, hunger, and thirst. They are rescued by a huge hundred-plus-pound pussycat who leads them to shelter, food, and water. The cat, who they name Millie, becomes their constant companion and shares in all the couple's adventures and misadventures.

While the three companions explore the mysterious planet, Michael and Jessica are constantly tormented by the absurdity of their apparent role of Adam and Eve on this uninhabited world. They wonder, Why them? They also wonder if, by some miracle, they could possibly return to Earth.

Such a miracle seems extremely far-fetched except that, during his explorations inside the massive mountain that has become their home, computer-savvy Michael discovers what appears to be a gigantic transporter, very similar to the one on Control.

--Dr. David Wycherley

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