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Practical Nutrition

Convenience foods may be the best way for you to eat. Surprised?? Living with a chronic disease or busy schedule can be unpredictable. You can take control of your nutrition in a practical and meaningful way to improve the quality of your life in a monumental way!

Is taking charge possible? Practical Nutrition takes you through steps to find the meal planning, shopping and preparing strategies that fit your customized life which is as unique as you are. Healthier convenience foods, freezer-ready entrees, or any of the innovative ideas listed could be part of your individual eating plan. Be proactive by taking an inventory of your current abilities, disease symptoms and other demands influence your daily food choices. Acknowledging these realities is vital to making permanent changes in these food choices.

Are you a nutrition know-it-all? Do you even want to be? Will you relate more to It-Better-Be-Simple Sam, Stressed Sonya or Interested Iesha? Regardless of your interest in nutrition, check out practical changes that can meet your needs. Small improvements are still changes in a healthier direction. They will likely be long lasting as well!

--Melanie McPhee Zeuske, MPH

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