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Pharaoh the Great, Michael I

A boy named Michael leads a pursuit to global dominance, finding he must grow up quickly in an opportunistic world. His path intersects with a prominent member of a prestigious family in America. Their journey leads them to unknowns in their individual pursuit of global dominance. Michael, whose family stems from a foundation of Americans in society who don't have enormous economic and political experience, this leads him into the pursuit to change these norms. A dark messenger is introduced that makes this dream a reality in exchange for his fate being sealed in history. Robert, whose roots are founded in prominence from his background of economic and political figures in history, in which his forefathers forged for him to be propelled to secure his status as the leader of the one world society. After realizing his destiny and understanding who he is, Robert's goal is assured in this race that leads them into a historic conclusion.

--Deante Burris

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