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Personality Disorder Not Otherwise Specified: Confessions of a Bipolar Patient

R. B. Le`Deach was born a Motown baby. He grew up in the Deep South in a large family of twelve. Some of them needed medication also. R. B. self-medicated with alcohol starting at the ripe young age of about twelve. R. B. had several issues at times but lived through them while he was at home with his parents. He left home at seventeen and joined the service for the next twenty-two years where his hyperactivity was a plus, but the drinking got worse and worse. Over the next forty years, he would become a professional drunk driver, able to fool anyone while moving from point A to point B. Home life, school life, love life, professional life, and married life all got covered, coming from the twisted mind of a bipolar individual. It wasn't until five years after his exit from the service that he got on and stayed on his meds.

--RB Le'Deach

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