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Order of Truth: The Gate to Hell

The prophecy of the chosen one begins with the conspiracy of the Order of Truth to release their god Lucifer from his underground prison on Mars. Who is the chosen one, and can the chosen one defeat Lucifer? Or will Lucifer sacrifice the chosen one to reign over the universe and destroy mankind?AJ Snyder is thrown into trying to figure things out with the death of his friend Zack. The only person he can trust to help him uncover the truth behind this prophecy is Sunshine Dae, a friend whose past has haunted and tormented her. Unsure who can be trusted, they begin the search. Across the universe their search begins to lead to unsettling discoveries about the past, present, and what lay ahead.Discovering lies from the past and knowledge of the present, Sunshine and AJ realize that there is nowhere to run and hide. The future of mankind depends on their knowledge and actions. But are the past events and current events going to hinder what needs to be done, or will they find a way to let go and face the evil head-on? The future of the universe is now in their hands.

--Anthony Sugden

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