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Off the Beaten Path: My Search for Sasquatch and Self

Join Curt Bradford on his personal quest for the unknown. Captivated by the mystery of sasquatches as a child and frightened by the possible existence of such creatures, he decides at age twenty-seven to leave Virginia and travel three thousand miles away to the great Pacific Northwest in search of the truth.

Before he can get off the beaten path to look for evidence of sasquatches in the forests of Oregon, he must first gain a foothold in Portland, the state's most populous city, and begin a new position in the insurance world.

The legend of the sasquatch was not his only interest. The reader is treated to stories of a friend's beautiful wedding in Napa Valley, newfound friendships with Peruvians, and visits to some of the most awe-inspiring natural areas in America.

Get a behind-the-scenes look into the adventures of a bigfoot seeker who must find within himself the courage to face down alone one of his greatest fears–the sasquatch.

--Curt Bradford

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