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Of Empire and Illusion: Or the Manuscript as it Sat August 27, 1987

At the outset of 1973, Alphonse Giordano is the unquestioned king of the New York underworld, supported by a secret society of enforcers, earners, and influencers who manipulate the city conditions to their own ends. Foremost on their mind is the construction of a Manhattan high-rise, a project they hope can provide them with a once-in-a-lifetime score, if only the right buttons are pressed. And press them Al does, no matter the risk or cost of human life. However, his actions draw unwanted attention from both sides of the law until the friction becomes too much. Something must give. And the city will never be the same.Uncover the truth of the story along with V, a struggling writer determined to sift through the ashes, no matter the implications.

--JR Hazard

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