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Obsidian: The Armorian Chronicles

Lyla and Lilly take on the role as the new leaders of Armoria while also trying to find the time to train as well as practice their ever-growing magic and abilities to ensure the defeat of their enemy in Dresden.As Damien continues to plot to rule the world, it drives unforeseen visitors to their doorstep and makes them realize the Armorian realm is larger than they were led to believe.When Lyla and Anita venture to Starlight City, Lilly must take on the leadership role alone. It seems like an easy task, until Damien finally shows his hand, leaving her with one difficult decision after another. As unexpected events take place, and a traitor is found within the Armorian ranks, Lyla and Lilly find a wedge forced between them, creating a divide that may be impossible to mend.

--Courtney Beals

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