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No Nonsense Mr. Booboo and Boo Meets Sam

He is an adventurer and explorer who loves learning new things and meeting new people. He is also just four months old! Mr. Boo Boo may be a little baby, but that doesn't stop him from exploring the world around him and learning about his family and community.

Mr. Boo Boo's Mom and Dad help him begin this new adventure and there's so much to do! Together, Mr. Boo Boo and his parents search for the source of his tummy troubles, fight a scary spider named Mr. Meanie, and solve the mystery of the missing pacifiers. Along the way, he comments on his funny, fierce family and all the trouble they get into.

Mr. Boo Boo has some big adventures. He takes a whirlwind trip to the moon!

In his dreams, Mr. Boo Boo can fly all the way to the moon and look down on his friends and family on earth.

He soon discovers that he isn't the only kid with this special power. Sam is a new friend who is an experienced space adventurer. He and Sam plan to take an amazing trip through space together, but Sam disappears as soon as the journey ends!

Mr. Boo Boo soon discovers the sad truth; Sam has cancer, sometimes, he can't play with his friends or fly in his dreams. The next time Mr. Boo Boo sees Sam, Sam tells him to never stop laughing. Mr. Boo Boo will take this lesson to heart as he and his family have a series of exciting adventures that honor his friend.

Join Mr. Boo Boo and the rest of the Veldes for this exciting and heartfelt story of Mr. Boo Boo's first year on earth.

--David Velde

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