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Night of the Sicilian Vespers

Joseph Pulaski is an honest cop in turn-of-the-century New York City. A tough badge to wear, along with the one he serves for, the City of New York. But it gets even harder when probably the best friend he has turns up missing. Lt. Gus Petrano has been Pulaski's friend since their days in Five Points. Now his dwelling has been ransacked, and his famous Italian Squad has been disbanded. The daughter of the commissioner of police (Petrano's boss) has been kidnapped. He finds the United States Secret Service is involved, along with a mafia don from Sicily, a Chinese Tong leader, and the most powerful street gang leader in the city of New York. If that's not enough, he has pissed off Tammany Hall, who may be the most dangerous of them all. What ensues is a battle of wits that puts Pulaski and his team of Kelly Donaher and Noah Weber in a fight for their lives. It entails the Sicilian list, the Black Hand, and a battle for control of New York City's rackets.

--C. P. Burbridge

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