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Mysterious Phenomena and Classified Phenomena: A Discussion of Dreams, Nonbiological Life Forms, the Paranormal, Mysterious Intelligence, the Ancient Megaliths, Out of Place Artifacts, the Alien Presence on Earth, Depopulation, the New World Order, and More

This book addresses the following topics and more:Dreams--are they produced by our minds, or is something else going on? Eternal beings--do our biological bodies serve as temporary hosts for eternal beings?Plants--do plants possess intelligence?The fallen angels--were they biological beings sharing a DNA profile similar to our own, and were the biblical giants and mutants a result of their actions?Greek mythology--is so-called Greek mythology, in fact, Greek history?Extraterrestrials--are superior beings effortlessly transporting from planet to planet, galaxy to galaxy, universe to universe, and dimensions and realms unknown to us? Are they rifting back and forth through time?Nuclear war on Earth during ancient times--did nuclear war occur on earth during its remote past? Are the so-called mythological ancient Sanskrit texts revealing actual events, and if so, do the elite want them kept from public knowledge?The Georgia Guidestones--do the mysterious Georgia Guidestones reveal the elite's intentions for the human race and planet Earth? Was the global pandemic manufactured? Why is the coronavirus mutating? Is it by design?Animal dissections--who or what is responsible for dissecting animals with surgical precision, and why are they doing it?Classified deep underground military bases--are superior beings from other realms inhabiting sophisticated deep underground military bases (DUMBS) on Earth and conducting cruel genetic experiments on humans and animals?Agenda 21--have extraterrestrials infiltrated governments? Is Agenda 21 of alien design? Is the Great Reset and New World Order their Great Reset and their New World Order?Depopulation--does the Great Reset include mass genocide?The assassination of JFK--was he killed for threatening to expose the alien presence on Earth and in our solar system?A secret space program--does a highly classified secret space program exist?

--The Whistleblower

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