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My Man Has Many Faces

This story is about two women who have gone through thick and thin since second grade. They did everything together and always had each other's backs. They were very compassionate about other people's feelings to the point that eventually they started a service to help men get what they wanted—yes, that's right; they started this service to help men get over. Because the one thing they hated was women who messed with married men or messed with men who already had girlfriends. They despised women who only went after men who were already taken. Most of the men out there who are flashy, rich, and good-looking could have it all, but there are other guys that women wouldn't think twice to even look at, and those are the ones that are about to have the time of their lives—the ones who women think are not so good-looking and have no style, no game. Things are about to change. We all know that a man sometimes won't get a second look unless he is taken and has a lot of style. This is where the story of Jamere Elise Rodes and Taya Donic Morrison comes in. Sometimes the only way for a man to have a woman on his arm is when another woman knows he is taken, because jealousy is a heavy emotion; and with most women, all they want to do is prove to the other women that they are better, to the point to where as they can steal the other woman's man. Well, in this story, these two women are letting the other women steal their men. They are actually giving the other women their man, because any woman out there looking for somebody else's man deserves to be burned. Jealousy is not only a deeply felt emotion, but it could also be deadly.

--Markia Marlene

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