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My Father, My Son

Meet Bray Berman. He is young, handsome, intelligent, and every parents' dream. One day, the unthinkable pays him a visit. However, the strength, endurance, and steadfast determination of this seventeen-year-old will make you recognize that teenagers endure a lot, sometimes say little, and face life's challenges with remarkable courage.

Steadfast love and devotion, known to heal all wounds, can sometimes make the worst situations seem trivial. Will the love between a father and a son, a husband and a wife be strong enough when tested beyond the extreme? Will the support of family and friends diminish with the passing of time, or will the bond of family and friendship be the saving grace of the Berman family at a time when needed the most?

Sometimes help can come from those we least expect it from. From those who have touched our lives in some way for only a short period of time or from those who have been with us forever. A father loved and adored by his son and a seventeen-year-old son faced with a monumental challenge while enduring the worst, yet trying to hold on to all he has left…hope.

--Linda McCain

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