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My Adventurous Tales

During my career in education, I taught English, English grammar, poetry, British literature, and, of course, spelling. After retirement, and when visiting grandchildren, I was challenged to put my English skills into practice, verbally.They would ask me to tell tales for their entertainment, which I did; but to make them special, I would limit the storytelling to Saturday evenings only. They looked forward to the stories and kept track of the time to reminded me of the day. To make it more authentic, and so they didn't think I was just making up tales, I would take any book from the bookshelf and riffle through the pages as I told adventurous stories that pleased and entertained them.The character's names stemmed from my patriotism. During my military service, I was quite proud of the red, white, and blue. Hence the characters were named Redford (Red), Wyatt (white), and Ballou (blue). And there are other references to these three colors throughout the books.The four books presented here are a portion of the tales I related to my grandchildren then and put them on paper. Therefore, there are more books yet to be written.If you enjoy fun, adventure, learning, and mystery, there will be more books forthcoming. That gives you, the reader, something for which to watch.Also, be alert for the coming animated adventures of the three Ladds and their comic books.

--Eugene Harvey

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