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Murder Saves the Day: An Army Bell Mystery

Multimillionaire Ethan Barris sold his Internet startup and now greatly enjoyed teaching computer science to the brightest seniors at Laketown Science Academy, an all-girls school. He also reveled in insulting and humiliating his colleagues on the school faculty who he thought were mediocre losers.Ethan found additional pleasure in having sex with several much younger women while bullying his long-time girlfriend into taking an action she would immediately deeply regret.One morning, while leaving for work, Ethan was stabbed to death on his front porch. The police were making no progress, and super sleuth Amy Bell was hired by Ethan's one friend in the faculty to investigate the killing.Amy soon realized that virtually everybody who knew Ethan strongly disliked him, except for his students who respected and admired him.Who hated Ethan so much that they would kill him on that mid-September morning? Amy found it hard to believe any of her suspects would go that far. But somebody clearly did, and the beautiful and brilliant Amy represented the last best chance to solve the case.Author David Schwinger, when not writing Amy Bell mysteries—there are now thirteen—enjoys composing songs, playing pickleball, and traveling the world with his wife, Sherryl. He first met Sherryl when she was his student in a mathematics class he taught at City College of New York. Their secret romance became the inspiration for his first Amy Bell mystery, The Teacher's Pet Murders.

--David Schwinger

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