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Susan is sexually molested at age four. She is plagued by unnatural knowledge and curiosity of sex during her early years, and her odd behaviors alienate her from her peers. Although Susan's family relations seem normal, she and her mother are emotionally distant. During junior high, Susan's sexual curiosity wanes; however, she is sexually and emotionally abused by her classmates. Despite being shunned by her peers, she eventually becomes part of a circle of friends to take her through adolescence. But adolescence can be rough, and soon she starts to rebel.

It is only a matter of time before drugs and alcohol enter her life, increasing during high school. She becomes promiscuous, resulting in a loss of self-esteem. Susan also experiences the first of many long-term relationships and the emergence of sexual issues. Although she has had a difficult time during high school, she reflects on many fun times with her friends.

In her early twenties, Susan meets her first husband. One child is produced from her first marriage, and when her daughter turns four, Susan begins having memories of her abuse, causing the emergence of psychiatric issues, alcohol abuse, and a long road to recovery.

--S J Cummings

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