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Ministry of Provident Peterson: The Old Testament Volume 1

Know your Bible! It is the most important book in the life of a Christian, and yet since its inception centuries ago, not one single Christian has seen in it, the need, or possibility for change that might benefit all who read it. Think of it this way: the people who created the Bible were pressed for time. It was godsend for them to have just the right king at the right time, and knowing that the average life span for most people was short, they wanted to complete their work on the Bible while King James was still alive, because if he were to die before they were finished, his successor might cause them to abandon the project. They chose to concentrate on content, and not so much on order, perhaps hoping that one day in the future, someone would see the possibility of beneficial changes that could be made to their work, and make harmless improvements to the order of the books, and a more thorough investigation of the texts for the uneducated masses to understand. I am here!

--Provident G. Peterson JR.

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