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Midnight Hour Saved Just in Time

After sixteen years of being deceived by Satan that I had committed the unpardonable sin, God gave me a dream one night and told me exactly what was wrong with my mind.

Supernatural deliverance came as a great man of God prayed for me (T. L. Lowery) under a big tent with sawdust everywhere.

God has called me to visit people who don't have long to live and share the gospel. Most thought they were ready to die but realized they were not saved. God would place them on my heart, and he would have their hearts prepared for his loving visitation to them, saving them from the fires of hell-that's what this book is about-quite a bunch of characters who accepted Christ and so many are already in heaven today. Some are still alive-anyone who gets saved is saved just in time.

Good moral people, alcoholics, so many God has placed in my path, seeing Jesus in the rooms with them before death.

If we will always keep our ears open to hear God 24/7, we will always hear his voice of instruction.

This book also tells of my family's supernatural journeys to get to God.

The dark fought us all the way. Daddy prayed to get saved-couldn't reach that point of faith-he lay back in bed and felt like a wooly worm was beginning to roll up his legs to get inside his heart. He cried out to God-it left and he became a Christian that 3:30 a.m.

The devil tried the same tactic with me the night I was saved. Under a tent, starting to creep up my legs, telling me that the minister was going to tell me that I could never be saved because I had "gone too far."

--Merilyn Fennell

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