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Messages from a Messenger: Transforming Poetic Principles into Reality

These original “Poetic Principles” of inspirational teachings are geared to create an invitation for the reader or listener to experience vivid images, sounds, actions and other sensations that will bring about a mental, as well as a spiritual transformation. This book is a must read for anyone who is willing to learn more about themselves, their thoughts and perspectives, through the power of poetry. It’s a recipe for victory and success, in viewing mature situations and circumstances from a positive perspective, to broaden your vision and sharpen your focus. These principles will reignite your passion, help you define or refine your purpose in life, and will bring about a newness of thought.

James Allen (English Author) said that, “All that a man achieves and all that he fails to achieve, is a direct result of his own thoughts.” This is very true because, man is a Master of Thought and the Molder of Character and in no way, should this be compromised. So the expression of poetry, whether written or spoken, should never be compromised.

Venard D. Cabbler, Sr. has worked in the Defense Industry for over 30 yrs. in various positions and has always been an advocate for continuous improvement, learning and excellence. He believes that in order to reach your full potential, you have to exude strong “Character” and perform with “Excellence”. He’s a mentor, a motivational and inspirational speaker and teaches high level courses to employees pertaining to their career and personal growth and development.

He has a Master of Science in Administration (MSA) degree from Central Michigan University and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Administration (BS) degree from Delaware State University, in which he was honored as the 1st Distinguished Alumni speaker at his alma mater, along with receiving other distinguishing accolades throughout his career.

--Venard D. Cabbler, Sr.

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