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Love, Papá: A Book to My Children

Love, Papá is an inspiring book written through the eyes of a child growing up victim to home violence and in extreme poverty, a story of innocence lost to the hardships of life at an age when playing and dreaming is all that life should be. Love, Papá is a story of perseverance, faith, and resiliency in the midst of chaos and scarcity. "We teach our children how to live life; in return, they teach us the meaning of it." Love, Papá is the tale of one, yet it is also the story of millions of children around the world being brought up in broken households by kind and faithful mothers. Love, Papá is a story of faith and mistakes that are essential in the recipe of life and wisdom. Life's best and strongest lessons are learned through hardships and failures. Prepare to feel a roller coaster of emotions, including hate, sympathy, happiness, sadness, and love. Life is perfect in its own way. God is always in control.

--Jesús Zubiate

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