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Lost Child of the Song The Song Trilogy

Young genius or monster?

Loving father or Rzash operative?

Telepathic cop or savior?

Juvenile rascal or Song planet?

The answers abide in the darkness and the silver.

The planet Xandor-II is lost to the Rzash Empire, but Tarik escapes with a piece of it. Now his plan to genetically engineer a superior human, using shadow cloning, can begin.

Months later, Tarik finds himself in a birthing lab. They place the baby in his arms. Tarik’s heart skips a beat, for the infant stares back at him with Lady Danna’s and Kydin’s beautiful gray eyes! Shocked and touched, Tarik kisses the infant’s head.

Ignoring his inner darkness, Cam learns to ranch. Soon he realizes something is vastly wrong. Questions he has ignored over the years begin to haunt him. What is he? Where did he come from? He knows Tarik, his father, is not related to him by blood.

There is only one path to find the answers. He hacks into Rzash government’s genetic program and uncovers a 64C270A31M file. It is him.

Devastated, he now understands that Tarik and the scientists created him. He is a freak! A monster! Cam discovers that the shadow cloning makes him a very valuable freak. His strange purpose is to become some kind of world conqueror!

This father and son and the loving bond that grows between them, despite the Rzash Empire and TC III forces that try to rip them apart, must fight for their very existence.

--S.L. Bradbury

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