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Losing Weight: A Common-Sense Approach

Millions of people seek to achieve a level of happiness through losing weight. To reach this very personal goal, most people seek convenient commercial options of mass-produced foods that are high in sugars, salt, and preservatives, without the understanding how those items can complicate the process to lose weight and even possibly increase the risk to chronic diseases.Marty Khan has endured three decades of business travel in four continents as a member of the US Air Force. Finding quality foods to keep fit was always his top priority even when staying in first class hotels. Having a basic knowledge of what is nutritious for one's body, and consuming such items in moderation, is key to losing weight. But this must be complemented with a consistent program of movement activities to burn calories.This book offers a common-sense approach to increase one's awareness that the body is a complex machine that requires quality food in moderation and to help one succeed in their personal struggle to lose weight. Marty is a retired colonel in the US Air Force Reserve and the author of Uncommon Duties in the US Air Force and Access to Higher Education: Leadership Challenges in Florida and South Africa. Years ago, Marty clinched the first prize in a local chili cook-off in Florida.16

--Marty Z Khan EdD

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