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Living Large: A Jordan Grimes Mystery

The character of Jordan Grimes emerged over a period of ten years. He is a criminal, but we find that he is a troubled soul as well. His ideas of life and the world get him into far more trouble than he would like, but as you will see, Jordan likes trouble.The other characters in Living Large are much the same as you and me. They have their character flaws and their oddities, but they manage to maintain a lifestyle that suits them and yet somehow continuously places them in harm's way. Since one character is a police officer, he is one of many attempting to lure Jordan Grimes into a trap to pay for his crimes. Yet as with criminals whose lives have many facets, Jordan creates trouble without trying and is very difficult to pin down.As readers, you will recognize that in this book as well as in life, the people you encounter are a select group, those that are in your circle of friends or part of your work associates. These people may remain in your life a short time or your entire life. This story exaggerates that a bit, but that makes it all the more intriguing. I believe you will find it difficult not to root for Jordan Grimes, criminal extraordinaire, not because he is bad, but because even with his flaws, you can't help but like his desire to persevere despite the odds against him.

--Elaine M Isaacson

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