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Life's Dueling Dualities: A Grandfather's Legacy of Wisdom

Life is simple? Follow a few maxima, and it is easy. No. In growing up, everyone must deal with a series of opposing, dual messages. For example, one hears, "If you hesitate, you lose." Good. Then, one also learns, "Look before you leap." Both are correct. What to do? And this is only one of life's six contradictions.

This book identifies the six dual dueling ideas. The first is, Carpe Diem vs. Reflection and Contemplation. Or its variation, the early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese. The second is ambivalence, which amazingly means simultaneously loving and hating something or someone. The third involves following your heart versus the head and we all root for the Hollywood ending. The fourth looks at whether it is better to work alone or as part of a group. The fifth deals with whether you should follow the rules or challenge them. The sixth shows the advantages of having big picture views in your life while also appreciating your daily realities. The final chapter, Transcendence, offers a unique answer and alternative to all the six contradictions.

As a grandfather, a father, a psychiatrist, a son, a brother, a wishing-to-be-better golfer, a jogger, a sailor, a hiker, an amateur geologist, want-to-be comedian, local newspaper reporter, and a veteran of School of Hard Knocks, the author has wrestled with all six of them and discovered moments of transcendence. In this book, he shares his observations and philosophy about all of them with his grandchildren and you. Based on this book, you can make better decisions. The book itself is engaging, insightful, witty, and entertaining. It is full of examples from history, literature, and the author's experiences. Welcome and enjoy!

--Stephen Michael Soreff, MD

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