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Life-Less: The Immortals Masquerade

Reign Homburg has a pretty decent life in Pendleton, Oregon, as a student-nursing assistant in college with her family and best friends (Jen Keller and Izaak Pettis). Everything was quite normal. Besides her older sister, Sky Homburg, going missing a few years back, everything seems to be going great for her, but when Jen asks her and Izaak to go to a party with her, that's when her whole life changes completely. Instantly she starts to notice some weird and obvious changes with herself—throwing up regular food, becoming sensitive to sunlight, and an uncontrollable hunger. Scared, clueless, and without memory of the party, Reign wants to figure out who did this and why. She notices she's changing into something else, something unable to relate to her old society anymore.Oblivious to the underground society of vampires that have always controlled entertainment, media, and even politics before in plain sight, Reign will discover how this new society works and learn to control her impulses while her questions pile her trust for everyone around her descends.Not only is she a vampire, but she may end up being one of the youngest and most powerful vampires in the country, maybe even the world. Reign must learn to part from her old life and join a new one, one that has her not only feed on the blood of mortals but their strife and hate toward one another too, ignoring her rare morals, new to a world of power, excitement, and lifelessness.

--Quentin Allen

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