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Life Can't Throw A Fast Ball : A Guide to Personal Finance

I wrote this book because so many people were never taught about personal finance in high school or college and thus struggle with personal finance issues in their life. If you need help with any of the topics listed below, this book was written for you.

How to get out of debt

How to stop living paycheck to paycheck

How to make your credit card balances disappear quickly

How to own a house, condo, or town house for less than renting

How to create and use an emergency fund

How to pay off a thirty-year mortgage years early

How to create a budget

How to purchase a car with cash

How to buy a car or lease a car

How to invest in mutual funds

How to invest in stocks and bonds

How to know the difference between a paper loss vs. a real loss

How to do dollar cost averaging

How to use the money flow to your advantage

Unlike many other personal finance books, you will get at least one idea per page, not per chapter. This book was designed to be short so you do not have to read much to get help. By the end of this book, you will have your financial house in order and be prepared when financial difficulty arises in your life.

--Michael D. A. Baker

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