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Life As A Foster Child: The Untold Truth

The young boy and his siblings were ripped from their father's care and placed in a "prisonlike" campus, a state-run children's home. Soon enough they passed him off to a foster home. In a matter of a few years' time, the young boy had endured every type of abuse that he could imagine. Sexual, physical, and mental anguish engulfed his life. Every day became a strain to endure. Eventually, the boy became mature enough to figure a way out of his situation, and he was successful at escaping his tormentors.However, there were demons lurking in the shadows of the young man's mind, demons that he didn't even realize grew inside his head. Let's take a journey through this screwed-up, young, impressionable individual's life as he endures impossible treatment from people that he was told "love" him. Let's watch as he matures into a young man. Let's see how he copes with all the problems associated with the abuses that he endured a few years earlier.Finally, let's see if you can figure out how the greatest abuse he never dreamed would happen set the young teenager on the track to eventually being able to tell the world the story that everyone needs to know can and does happen to very young, innocent, and defenseless children.

--Jeff Gooding

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