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Life After Love

Sometimes your heart needs more time to accept what your mind already knows.

These words illuminate what sometimes happens when we are victims of a domestic violence relationship and are blinded by the love and emotional attachment that we feel for our partner. Although red flags are beating us to a bloody pulp, we trudge on, sidestepping the puddles of blood that surround us while we either tell ourselves that if we just hang in there, the situation will miraculously get better, or if we can just be better ourselves and not push our partner's "buttons," our relationship will calm down, and all will be well. Fact–check-the problem is not about the victim; it is about the perpetrator of the abuse. Life After Love is all at the same time-a love story, a scary story, and a cautionary tale. The storyline is an anecdotal account of my own life in a domestic violence relationship explaining why I define it as a love story, a scary story, and a cautionary tale. It is also spliced with statistics and theories to provide factual evidence of the causes and repercussions of abusive domestic relationships. The most important part of the account is to assure the reader that although it may be difficult to navigate a way out of the abuse and to escape the erratic roller–coaster ride that the relationship could be compared to and if allowed to do so, the heart will eventually accept what the mind already knows and conclude that there is life after love. My hope is that those reading my book and find their relationship mirroring mine will allow my success story to become their success story.

--Brenda Walbey-Ross

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