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Legends of Orijon: Fight for Redemption

The land of Orijon has been ravaged by the selfish rule of the usurper king, Malos Tabis. Many have lost their homes, families, and the hope to live. But even the darkest night must yield to the spark of the dawn. A voice calls out to the true heir to the throne, Leonidas Orijonno, begging him to return.

Leonidas led a simple life among the people of Sulson, the kingdom of the south. There he had grown-up and learned their ways. What was he to Orijon? Often, he had dreamed of returning to the land of his father and freeing her people from the oppression they endured. But is such a move too bold? Can a mere outsider, unknown to the people, challenge the one who now sits upon the throne? So much has happened, and so many years have passed. Is there anyone left in Orijon even willing to fight for redemption?

--F.J.J. Delegato

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