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Laura's New Job

Laura, a thirty-year-old single woman, is upset that she has never found someone to share her life with. Also, she has struggled with the fact that she has known she was a lesbian since she was seventeen. She also has flashbacks of six years before. When her parents went to Tennessee to repeat their honeymoon, Laura used a razorblade to attempt suicide. She was lucky that her mother forgot her phone and came back and found Laura. Laura is glad that she failed at committing suicide.

Laura is sitting at home one day watching TV when an employer calls and asks her to come in for an interview for a management trainee position at a convenience store. She is excited when she gets the job. Laura is informed where she will be training. After her interview, Laura goes to Walmart to get her oil changed. When Laura checks out, she meets Katie, a young and beautiful single woman. Katie and Laura introduce themselves and meet at the in-store restaurant after they pick up their cars. They trade phone numbers and decided to go on a date later that week.

A few days later, Laura and her father, Randall, go out to eat. One of Randall's former coworkers brought his son, David, with him. David flirts with Laura, and Laura agrees to go out with him. She is now wondering who she wants to be with. She is afraid of hurting either one but is stuck between the two.

Laura starts her training. She is extremely nervous about doing a good job. Laura has never been in a management position before. The other employees quickly warm up to Laura. She is well liked. During her training, on her second day, a drunk driver plows through the parking lot at work and destroys her car. She is upset that she has to have her father come and get her. Laura goes to the dealer where her car is taken and test-drives a newer vehicle. The salesperson lets her drive it for a few days until her insurance settles with her.

After her training, Laura is transferred to a different store within the company. She loves being the manager of her own store. The day she takes over her new store, she notices the store is out of coffee and has to make a thirty-mile trip back to the store where she interviewed and get coffee and other items. Laura sees Katie's sister, Lisa, the store's shift lead. Laura and Lisa get into an argument.

In the first week of Laura taking over the new store, her district manager asks her to work at the store where she was interviewed. Laura feels awkward about this, as the shift lead is Katie's sister. Laura wants to make a good impression on her district manager and agrees to work at that store. The first day of filling in, Laura gets a phone call from David. Laura takes the call while she is on break. The shift lead goes outside to ask Laura a question. The shift lead overhears Laura talking dirty to David. The shift lead does not know who Laura is talking to. Laura lies and says she is talking to Katie. The shift lead catches on to Laura's lie but doesn't say anything to her.

--Jared Davis

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