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Last Train to Montana

This is a story of the Old West where human perseverance and downright doggedness of the brave and, at times, weary pilgrims nurtured their inner push to staying the trail west. This was to be the routine that was to form the settlers' strength and resilience of the day. Doggedness of the lead wagon driver displaying his/her ability to place the empty wagon tongue always to the northwest, assuring their unerring starting direction, each morning. This is the story of such individuals, whose tragedies and romance along dusty rutted trails forever beaten into history by the multitude of wagons, horses, and oxen, placing their own stamp on the multitude of restless pilgrims who preceded them. This is a story on one heroic individual leading what would be his last wagon train to the mountain wilds of Montana. His firm hand in handling the settlers' disputes and/or shoot-outs kept the train in order by maintaining his sense of right and wrong.

--George Miller

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