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Lady Lilith

Dahlia Bianchi is dying, thus prompting her to share a revelation with her youngest daughter, Liliana, before her passing. This sets in motion a series of new discoveries that prompt Lili to reconsider her allegiance to her selfish and vindictive older sister, Rosanna. It is 1945, and World War II has just ended. Dahlia's eldest daughter, Rose, is the brash and malicious vixen whose contempt for Lili is beyond the bounds of normality. Rose nicknames virtuous, innocent younger Lili after the ancient mythological demoness Lilith, a beautifully dangerous and sexual goddess of the night. Their bitter rivalry and resentment escalates to greater levels when both sisters become intertwined with the same men.

To escape the remains of their war-torn village of Portici in Naples and the shadow of her alluring and seductive sibling, Rose marries handsome American GI Manuele Catalano and begins her new life in the United States. However, unbeknownst to Rose, her younger sister, Lili, marries Rose's ex-beau, Luca Marchese, back in Italy. There, Lili embarks on a mission of uncovering more family secrets. Rose's determination is dedicated to making herself a powerful, rich, and relevant socialite among her newfound family and friends. Her new husband, Manny, happens to be the son of wealthy New York businessman and Neapolitan, La Camorra crime boss, Giancarlo Catalano of Brooklyn Heights.

When Rose betrays her father-in-law along with his kin and crew, her impetuous actions and shameless conduct drive the head of the Catalano clan on a path to reveal his daughter-in-law's shady past and deceptions. Giancarlo sets out on a journey to uncover his own connection to Rose's secrecy and have retribution by exploiting her disloyalty and resentment of her younger sibling known as Lady Lilith.

--Carm Ianiri

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