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Kira and Kashi

Ace Kedsin is just an ordinary teenage boy living with his mom and brother, or is that just what he wants to believe? Ace is set to embark on a mythical journey through the land of Murag where he wakes up in an unfamiliar body in an equally unfamiliar place. Ace soon discovers that the world is under siege by a horrible beast who has been resurrected. With the resident hero Kira nowhere to be seen, it is up to Ace to decide whether or not to help save the people of Murag from Matar's destruction. His unforeseen courage and quest for knowledge will push him to places not many have dared to go before. He begins to wonder if the calamitous realm he now inhabits and all the unspeakable creatures in it are based in reality, or if they are just a product of someone else's creation.

--Niall Mahoney

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