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King of Kings, Cruel Genesis: Part 1: Existence to Extinction

Take a moment and examine your life in this instant. Ponder and think honestly about what you have overcome throughout the struggles in your life. Glimpse at the reality; you managed to walk away from the experience you went through with only a few wounds this day. They may be deep, and how you received them still lingers in your mind. Yet you are still standing. You survived the battle, and the worse is behind you. Now it is time to proceed to the future. Yet the past has returned with a vengeance and an undying thirst for revenge. It was not satisfied with how things had settled. No, you have to suffer more, hurt more, bleed more until you are nothing left but a shell of your former self. You bear the world's anger toward you and fully succumb to its fury. But you won't go down, no matter the odds, and you continue to be defiant to this day. The past will strike harder. You strategize your next step, counter the blows dealt, and you strike. Oh, you strike with the wrath to rival a god because you know you can't falter. This is now a war, and like the battle before, you must overcome despite the odds. Because if you don't, what was it all for? So fight for your existence or suffer extinction. This is the world of King of Kings. Every battle is the epitome of life or death, and the future you desire is on the line at every moment of your life.

--Kydd Wycked

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