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Kimora Goes to the Park

Kimora Goes to the Park challenges the young reader's thought processes, where they are brought to look through the lens of patience, trust, and respect for others. They are encouraged to love themselves and to love others as well. In a world that does not involve themselves alone, they are gently guided into the reality that there are others who are as loved and valued as they are, and they are ushered into involving others into their world so that they can function in a civil way with others who are different yet are just like them. Kimora Goes to the Park is like broccoli wrapped in French fries, where, though they are enjoying a good story, they are absorbing the benefits of learning how to love others as they love themselves. Adults must involve themselves in reading books with their children and Kimora Goes to the Park is a book that both reader and listener will enjoy.

--Sharon E. Harris

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