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Kicking Adversity Aside: The Coach Kim Braswell Story

As Coach Dooley alluded to in writing the foreword to this book, oftentimes the relationship between a coach and athlete is a two-way street. Each can be an inspiration to each other. This is the case when Kim Braswell, an exceptional athlete handed many challenges, became a part of the football program at the University of Georgia.This story is not about Kim's success as an athlete or coach. The goal of this book is that it will provide inspiration to parents and children with handicaps, whatever their issue is. As referenced in these pages, many good people contributes to the successes of Kim in sports, coaching, and life. Inspiration can be given and received.If this writing can transmit a sense of positivity to others with any type of adversity, then the author will have a feeling of accomplishment. This accomplishment will be about motiving and helping others just as so many done for him.

--Kim Braswell

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